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I’m making a move!

TurningOtakuOK, so let’s be honest this site is not a really nice to look at… all the blogs I read are nice to look at. So I’m changing over to a new site which is a bit more pleasant to read at. It’s basically going to include what this blog had, so I’m still headingforjapan but I’m also now Turning Otaku. If you liked what this had blog had to offer than please check out Turning Otaku (by clicking on the picture). Thanks for everyone who’s supported me from this blog and also in the next :D.


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If You Have the Speaking Level of a Child, Then Embrace It

Doraemon is made for little kids in Japan, who obviously would not be able to do a lot of things I could not also do, for example, start a philosophical conversion or talk about the hidden meanings or in sci-fi I just saw or teach an advanced physics lecture in Japanese, so I’m learning anyway simple way I can, and I know I can listen to the Doraemon song a million times. Oh and also Musical Memory is in a completely different area of your brain, so even if you get knocked on the head and get amnesia and spend the rest of your life not being able to recall what you ate for breakfast, you’ll still be able to remember those annoying ads from TV.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Learning With Doraemon“, posted with vodpod

Here’s just a list of useful vocab from the video.

夢(ゆめ) – dream
いっぱい – fullness
叶える(かなえる) – to grant
不思議(ふしぎ)- mysterious
自由(じゆう) – freedom
飛ぶ(とぶ) – to fly
とっても – very
大好き(だいすき) – to love

Another song I can listen to a million times is the Totoro Song. If you can memorize this song with all it’s vocab than you might pick up a ton of extra words.

Here’s the link here for the lyrics which are in romaji, if you study it yourself in your own way that also get’s better recall (also I can’t be bothered doing it).


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