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Moving Things Are Naturally Cheaper In Japan

Kappa Sushi

This months Matsuri topic is “Best Frugal Tips For Living Here In Japan” so I’m going to give it a go with my newbie knowledge of Japan. OK, so we all love sushi right? But when living in Australia, good sushi is a pretty hard to come by dish. We barely have any authentic sushi restaurants and because it’s harder to get supplies in Australia it’s very expensive. In Japan you would assume it’s much cheaper, but I recently found an even more cheaper way of receiving sushi in Japan that’s bound to get you practising using your chopsticks and saying your “いただきます”.

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My 5 Tips For Studying Japanese

There are many different ways of tackling the Japanese language, whatever way you study Japanese, I hope it’s working for you. These are my 5 tips for stuyding Japanese that I use to study and apply what I learn, so far I’ve only been studying for about 7 months, but these are working pretty well for me.

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