DSC00923My name is Will, I’m a self proclaimed nerd who’s obsessed with Japanese in year 11 at school. I used to go to an extremly intense IB Diploma school where I studied maths and science all the time, well I was supposed to be. I found that most of my time was spent up studying Spanish which was one of non-scientific subjects. I had an epihany, left to go to a regular school and decided to dedicate myself to a language I really love, Japanese. One day I want to go to Japan, hence the name, Heading For Japan.  I’m studying hard so one day I can be fluent and hopefully be able to teach English over in Japan. This blog basically updates how my Japanese study is going and maybe you can get some tips on what-to-do or what-not-to-do depending on how I’m going. Thanks for checking out this blog and I hope to hear from you. My email is will@sitezero.com if you ever want to email me.


3 responses to “About

  1. good luck with your Japanese! we’re on the same boat, planning to head for Japan as well 🙂

  2. remora

    Ganbatte Will-chan,benkyo,benkyo,benkyo – you’ll get there.

    All the Best

    *robin and remora*

  3. Good luck with it all dude!

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