Nihongoup (Is More Than You Think)

Recently I discovered that Nihongoup and Jamaipanese have a competition in which I could win a copy of the amazing full version of Nihongoup. Now many people are probably writing post’s in their blogs which basically all follow the same tone of…


now that would be a waste of space in my blog, so I’m going be informative for my chances of winning.

Now basically if you go to Nihongoup‘s website and then type 4 extra letters onto the end of their URL address you get…


Their blog, the other fun way of learning, Which I am now officially adding to my blogroll.

Ok, right now their blog is a bit small (It’s only been going for 4 months), but you get quality and effort which is why it’s spectacular and thats why I’m 100% recommending for you to follow. It has post’s on a wide variety of topics including Design, History and my favorite part, Language. Language includes a new document I’m adding to my resources page, Japanese Color Names (Cheat Sheet), which looks like it took a bit more than 20 minutes in to make. I expect more great things to come from Nihongoup, so keep up the good work.

I’m also including a poll which Nihongoup would probably be interested in.



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6 responses to “Nihongoup (Is More Than You Think)

  1. It was so hard to vote in this poll because Nihongoup helps me with everything!

    Thank you for entering the contest, I hope you win!

  2. Hey up. Just to let you know that as good as Nihongoup is, which seriously, it is, there is also another fantastic tool at Do not be fooled by the name as kana is catered for also. Happy learning!

    • headingforjapan

      I have an account with Read The Kanji I think it’s amazing, but I got depressed after going on it for 5 minutes and not being able to say the months in Japanese, so I’m working on that right now. Thanks for the post for readers to get even more help. πŸ˜›

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  4. Contest results posted! were you a winner? check ’em out here.

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