If You Have the Speaking Level of a Child, Then Embrace It

Doraemon is made for little kids in Japan, who obviously would not be able to do a lot of things I could not also do, for example, start a philosophical conversion or talk about the hidden meanings or in sci-fi I just saw or teach an advanced physics lecture in Japanese, so I’m learning anyway simple way I can, and I know I can listen to the Doraemon song a million times. Oh and also Musical Memory is in a completely different area of your brain, so even if you get knocked on the head and get amnesia and spend the rest of your life not being able to recall what you ate for breakfast, you’ll still be able to remember those annoying ads from TV.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Learning With Doraemon“, posted with vodpod

Here’s just a list of useful vocab from the video.

夢(ゆめ) – dream
いっぱい – fullness
叶える(かなえる) – to grant
不思議(ふしぎ)- mysterious
自由(じゆう) – freedom
飛ぶ(とぶ) – to fly
とっても – very
大好き(だいすき) – to love

Another song I can listen to a million times is the Totoro Song. If you can memorize this song with all it’s vocab than you might pick up a ton of extra words.

Here’s the link here for the lyrics which are in romaji, if you study it yourself in your own way that also get’s better recall (also I can’t be bothered doing it).



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9 responses to “If You Have the Speaking Level of a Child, Then Embrace It

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  2. goo goo gaa gaa? no thats not a kid, thats a toddler 😛

  3. I always though learning from song would be good but difficult, but I guess not if it’s a child’s song ^^

    I like the vids you chose and Listening is very important, but don’t forget to use the vocab in speaking conversations :-p

    I am on a listening kick, but I like to watch dramas. I’ll watch a few children’s videos and see how that goes! Thanks for this post!

  4. A word of warning: some of this stuff is really useful and will assist in your Japanese learning, but be careful of simplified language, or ‘child-speak’, as some of these things, if repeated in public, would get you some very funny looks!

  5. One of my favorite Japanese children’s program for kids is にほんごであそぼ, for a number of reasons; The program focuses on language as a cultural treasure. It doesn’t condescend. It has some great poetry, dialect and art.

    There is no real danger of child-speak either, because the purpose is educational. I made it part of my morning routine 🙂

  6. ieatmypigeon

    Kids speak more slowly and things are simpler, so I think it can be very helpful to use children’s programming to improve your own fluency; it absolutely helped me. As long as you’re aware that kids almost always speak in plain form and might use juvenile expressions sometimes, go for it. I find it hard to not speak in plain form – even with strangers – sometimes because I listened to my young students so much. But that’s my own private shame.

    • headingforjapan

      thats great because listening is the hardest for me, can you reply with some children’s programs that I can check out?

  7. Joe

    It’s not a children’s show, but this program definitely boosted my Japanese confidence early on: Nihongo Dekimasu. It’s a show designed to teach foreigners living in Japan how to speak Japanese, so its in 100% beginner/intermediate level Japanese. I could watch and enjoy this without a dictionary after about 4-5 months of study. Check out the first episode here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scWtXh8tWI0

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